Wednesday, June 13, 2007

The Astronaut Farmer

Normally i like space-oriented movies, but this was pretty lame overall.. It seems Billy Bob Thorton has turned into Kevin Costner.

In the unbelievable department, besides the obvious, i'm still wondering why the barn was still in existence after the first 'launch'. It should have been blown to pieces.

Ahh well.

I give it a 2. 2/10. I'm not even gonna bother with a 23 reference.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Who Killed the Electric Car

Most folks have prolly heard of this, it wasn't until a few months ago that i finally got around to watching it - i'd say make it an effort to check out.

A very interesting documentary on electric cars, and how they've been developed, and essentially successful, but the industries have stopped production, and failed to move forward at all.. There doesn't seem to be a conclusive answer why as well.

I feel it's really short-sighted of these companies -- we're going to run out of petrol, and the sun gives us a virtually unlimited amount of let's convert that to the 'fuel' we need for cars, and just about everything else.... My guess is oil co's have shut down all-electric cars (there are at least some plug-in hybrids on the way..)

Anyway, it's pretty despicable what some of the big auto companies have done. Check it out, i gvve it an 8.5.

Shrek The Third

I enjoyed Shrek, Shrek 2 i seem to recall enjoying more, and even laughing out loud numerous times. The third one seemed to lose all its charm.

There were some clever moments, but it seems like all the time in this movie went into processing pixels, not an interesting story...or at least sincerely funny moments.

I give it a '2x3'. ;)

88 Minutes





Anyway, this movie, tho not overly interesting or creative, still kept me thinking until the end, and managed to sustain my interest, despite it not being a typical movie i'd enjoy. I give it a 7. Worth a rental on a slow night i'd say.

The Number 23

I used to be a fan of Jim Carrey, but i think i'd have to say 'no more'....

While the idea is kind of neat for conspiracy theorists, you can apply it to just about any number. Seriously, pick any two-digit number, and you'll prolly start seeing it 'everywhere'. My own favorite is when a clock say 12:34. =)

Of course, it's not that this number is invading anyone's life, but that your attention is focused on it, and so it just *seems* to stand out.

Anyway, back to the movie.. It wasn't very good. The plot failed, as it became unbelievable rather quickly for me. I started to fidget, becoming impatient..could hardly wait for it to end.

It was sort of like The Da Vinci Code, but even more simplistic 'codes', and much less intrigue..not that i really enjoyed it too much either!

I give it a '5' (2+3 - aaak - it's got me!) Not really worth watching unless desperate.

Oh, and there's one nagging question for those who've seen it: why did she give him the book??? I supposed we'll have to wait for the sequel: Two Plus Three

Tuesday, May 01, 2007


Saw Sharkwater a few weeks ago in the theater. A bit of a depressing film, it's awful to see sharks treated this way (as well as any other animal.)

Not a lot was 'news' to me, i'd read about much of these atrocities, like fishing and finning. It was odd for me, as a vegan and animal rights activist, to hear 'complaints' that the 'rest of the shark' isn't me, it's just plain wrong either way. It's no 'better' if the 'whole shark' is 'used'. It's the 'using' that i find objectionable - or specifically, the notion that sharks are ours to use.

The documentary was well presented, lots of amazing footage, and Rob Stewart's story (will i see you tonite, on the downtown train?) was pretty remarkable as well. Wasn't so crazy about the condoned violence by Sea Shepherd and can't change the world using the same methods you supposedly oppose...

I'll give the film a 7.5/10 - it would have scored higher if there was any semblance of a vegan message, or even the basic suggestion of telling people not to eat sharks or other fishes. It was also very unfortunate that people leave the theater impotent. There are numerous actions that people can take to help sharks, but didn't mention any. They could go vegan of course - that'd be the #1 thing anyone can do to help sharks, and any other animal. They could get places that sell sharkfins in their community to stop. Same with other shark products (like cartilage in health food stores). The list goes on... Even their website is quite limiting, mainly collecting pledges, and making relatively weak suggestions to aid sharks. Ahh well. Better than nothing i guess.

Monday, April 30, 2007

Man of the Year

The Robin Williams movie, where he become the President of the US. Very amusing, and fun. Lotsa laughs, Robin is very funny, and it's hard not to love the rest of the casting.

Story wasn't highly plausible, but was entertained enough to barely notice. Way more sex than i'd ever expect to see in a PG movie.

I'm giving this a 7.5/10.

Stranger Than Fiction

Watched this tonite, been meaning to rent it for a while (somehow downloaded 'Pursuit of Happyness', thinking it was the same film, and it was AWFUL.)

I was very happy with STF - Wil Farrell was brilliant, as were the rest of the characters. Interesting and compelling story, i love quirky ideas like this, either in print or in movies. It really reminded me of Kurt Vonnegut for some reason...maybe it was the 'talking' watch.

I'd give it an 8/10, definitely worth watching.

The Fountain

Hiya - i'm now going to use this blog to review movies as well! I often forget what i thought of a movie, so hopefully if i blog it, i can use this as part of my brain instead..haha..

So first up - watched The Fountain on Saturday night. It seemed highly rated, and the story seemed interesting, so i rented it.

I found it a bit pretentious, and too 'artsy' for its own good...some neat concepts, but went overboard on it all, flashing up the screen, which seemed to take away from it all.

Overall, i'd give it a 6/10..had the story been a bit more compelling, it'd get considerably more marks, but otherwise it's kind of a 'okay, nothing better to rent' sorta thing, imo. =)

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Sufjan Stevens - A Sun Came - 2003

For my second review, an album/band introduced to me from my new chiropractical friend, Erin! (Thanks for the tip!! Arcade Fire review coming soon!)

I had never heard of Sufjan Stevens before (note: not loading at time of writing.) So the album A Sun Came was a total surprise to me.

It starts off with a nice, quirky tune, flutes in there with the guitar..kinda medieval, but does not delve into the cheese that one might expect. Very 'indie rock'. Me likey.

Just about every song is quite catchy and engaging, with fun little recordings interspaced...which are great the first or second listen, but lose some of their appeal on the 15th+ listen..heh..

Fun is had on many of the tracks, 'Rice Pudding' reminds me of a free-jam on the Charlie Brown theme song by a young, highschool rock band. Love it! Guitar solo's are prolly better than i can do too. ;)

The highlight of the album is probably 'Super Sexy Woman'. I think this is now in my top 20 favorite songs of all time! I could probably listen to a million times over...wonderful stuff!!

'Jason' takes a wild dive from previous songs, and borrows heavily from My Bloody Valentine (imo), which is actually really nice to hear...since i loved MBV and he does them justice.

'You Are the Rake', final song on the tune, is quite lovely, and closes the album very nicely.

Hard to rate...i want to give it a 9/10, but i feel an 8/10 might be most appropriate. I've listened to one other album (Enjoy Your Rabbit, 2001) and felt it was quite lacking...but am really looking forward to others!

Extra links of interest:

Electric Six - Switzerland - 2006

Hello, i'm Dave Noisy, and i like to type. This is my experimental music review blog. Wee...

The Electric Six have just released their third album, Switzerland. Their music is typically 'fun', poppy, guitar and beat-driven disco-rock heavy with 'sex' themes. Laughable sex themes. Great stuff. =)

Their first album was fantastic, the second one lacked depth but was still pretty bopping...this one almost seems to have more depth, but is lacking in the punchiness that really sets them off. The tunes are generally pretty catchy, and the lyrics are silly as ever, and some lines are fantastic...tho it just doesn't seem to come together as well as the first album...

Some songs leave me wondering what the hell is going on, like 'Infected Girls' and 'Germans in Mexico'. Seriously! And 'Pink Flamingo's'...?? Seriously, it's so bad you have to love it!

Lot's of great sounds tho, they know how to make good sounding tunes and even if the lyrics are not something that you get a kick out of, the rest of the tune usually has some neat draw.

This album is prolly only worth a 6/10 in the 'real world', but in Noisyland it gets a 7/10, just because they're the Electric Six!

Just checked over at Pitchfork to see if they reviewed it...nope..tho oddly, Senor Smoke is their #3 'Most Read' review..haha

- Dave Noisy